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Pumori is a family business that has been dedicated to the manufacture of wooden staircases and other high-quality carpentry products since 1992. We take pride in our contribution to designing and manufacturing furniture and interior solutions for various projects of national importance over the years.

Our extensive experience in the field of staircases and furniture has made us a trusted partner for numerous projects. We always strive to provide the highest quality woodworking and carpentry products, being aware of the importance of design and details.

Our main goal is to produce wooden staircases and carpentry products that do not only fulfil their function but are also of aesthetic quality and durable. Thanks to our skills and dedication, we have earned a reputation as a reliable and professional manufacturer of furniture and staircases.

A variety of materials and finishes have been used in the manufacture of staircases over the centuries, and this tradition continues today. A wide range of different options and materials are available for the construction of staircases, allowing the creation of distinctive and functional staircases. The product range of our company includes both wooden and metal-based interior staircases that meet high-quality standards. Staircase manufacturing is a form of art where wood and metal provide limitless opportunities to create functional, beautiful and durable staircases.

In addition, we specialise in manufacturing furniture tailored to interior design projects and custom drawings. Our goal is to provide high-quality and personalised solutions that meet the needs of our clients and align with their vision. Whether it is a custom-made kitchen cabinet, wardrobe or customised pieces of furniture, we are ready to offer unique and personalised solutions that complement your home or business environment. Put the trust in our expertise and dedication!

Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, we are capable of providing an individual approach and tailored solutions according to the desires and requirements of the client. Our strong connection with the clients has allowed us to build long-lasting relationships and meet their expectations and demands in the realm of furniture and interior design. Whether it is a public project or a home of a private client, we are prepared to use our skills and expertise to create uniquely crafted and beautifully designed carpentry products.

Create a beautiful and contemporary interior design in your home or office building! Do not hesitate to send an email to pumori@pumori.ee and together we will find you the most suitable solution.

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